Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Taking the bad with the good

So yesterday was both a bad and good day all rolled into one.

First I had my doctor’s appointment and found out that I failed my 3 hour glucose test. But I am right on the border line, so she said I will most likely be able to control it with my diet. The bad part about it is that I have to now go to even more appointments and meet with the Diabetic Center at St. Agnes to learn how to do everything, which means I have to miss more work. Other than that, the doctor said that everything is looking very good. I am measuring at 31 weeks, which is just a couple days ahead, so that is good. My next appointment is on Thursday with the Diabetic Center, then my regular doctor on the 16th. Only about 8 more weeks to go!!!

Now the good news…Joey and I are officially house hunting! We have been pre-approved, now it is just a matter of finding that perfect house. We really want to stay in the general area of my parents because of the schools. We will be in this house for the next 5-10 years so that is really important to us.

And last but not least…today is our 2 year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe how fast these past 2 years have gone by. Since we are so busy this week with appointments, Lamaze class, and my dad’s b-day, we are just going to spend a quiet night at home and Joey is going to make me dinner.

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AmberM said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope all goes well with the house hunting...it is definately a good time to be a first time buyer! I hope everything turns out ok with the diabetic counseling. So glad to hear an update, I've been wondering!