Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend in Tahoe

This weekend Joey, Oliver, and myself went up to Tahoe with Joey's dad and step mom. They bought a cabin about a month ago so we decided to go up for the 3 day weekend.

We had a great time. Although it did start off a little rocky when Oliver got sick in the car on the way up:( We were about 10-15 minutes away from the cabin and he got sick everywhere! It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it did get all over himself, his bunny, and his blankets. As soon as we got in the house he was running all over the place, so I knew he was feeling better.

We didn't have much planned, but we knew we wanted to take Ollie sledding, and Joey had to go to a little restaurant called Izzy's. I guess he used to go there all the time, but hadn't been there in almost 15 years, so we went for lunch yesterday.

I think Ollie enjoyed the snow. He was really excited when we started to go sledding, but go tired and cold pretty quickly. He was much happier sitting in my lap watching the dogs run around.

We were planning on coming home on Monday, but there was a huge storm on it's way, so we decided to leave this afternoon. As soon as we got into Placerville it started raining really hard, so I knew we made the right decision to leave today. We were a little bummed that we had to leave early, but there are going to be many more times up there.

I took a lot more pictures, but they take so long to upload. Here are just a couple, but there are a lot more on my facebook page.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where have I been?

I started writting a new post about a week ago about our Christmas and everything else that has been going on and just couldn't finish it. We have been so busy, and I finally have some free time to put an update up.

To quickly go over Christmas, everything was very nice, but super busy. Oliver is definitely spoiled and loved very much. There was a lot of time spent with almost everyone in the family(we were unable to see Joey's brother and sister in law).

Now on to what is going on now.

The Tuesday before Christmas when I picked Oliver up from the babysitters so told me that she was going to have to stop watching Oliver:( She has 3 children of her own, and she said it is too hard scheduling his naps on when she needs to pick her kids up from school.

I was a little upset and now wondering who I was going to have watch him. When I was first looking for someone I was having a hard time. I really didn't want him in a day care center since he was only 4 months old. So I lucked out with one of my old friends sister had decided she wanted to watch someone just part time. And that is exactly what I needed. So when she said that she was going to have to stop watching him, I knew I was right back to starting the process all over.

I knew of one lady that has come into my work that watches kids, and one of my co-workers step son goes to her. She is really nice and has been running a day care out of her home for over 20 years.

I called her a couple weeks ago and got all the information, and yesterday me, Joey, and Oliver went to visit her. I really liked what I saw, and Oliver seemed pretty comfortable there. We only stayed for about 30 minutes since I was on my lunch break, but I can tell it is going to be a perfect fit! In addition, she is $13/day cheaper, so we are going to send him 3 times a week instead of 2. This will give Joey an entire day to himself to work on homework(he is starting some online classes on February 1st) or go into work for a couple hours to get stuff done.

We are going to send Oliver to Tonya's on Wednesday to see how he does, but he will officially start on February 1st. I think he will really like it there and get some really good interaction with other children.

Tomorrow we are heading to Tahoe for the long weekend and can't wait to get out of Fresno for a couple days. I will be sure to post some pictures when we get back of Oliver's first trip to the snow!