Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oliver's 1st Birthday

What a day!!!

Yesterday was Oliver's birthday party, it was a crazy, busy day, but so much fun at the same time. Me and Joey started early at 7:30am getting things ready. I had some last minute things to pick up like the cake and balloons, so I did that while Joey stayed home to clean while Oliver was napping. My mom and brother-in-law, and then Joey's dad, step-mom, and Papa showed up around 10:30 to get all the food over to the clubhouse. By the time 11:00 rolled around the party was in full swing. Everyone was arriving, getting some snacks, and Joey and his dad were firing up the BBQ.

There were so many people that loved Oliver there to help celebrate his big day! My sister and her family drove down from the bay area and my cousins fiance came up from Visialia, also one of my good friends, Meredith, was in town from Arizona so she came with her adorable kids, Monica(2) and Magill(2months). Other's that were there were my parents and Joey's dad, step-mom and Papa, The Harris Family(John, Kim, Mia, Portia, and Ethan, The Bird Fam(Aimee, Baylee, and Marlee, my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins, Jay and Vanessa, my friend Andrea(from work) her boyfriend, and his son.

All the kids got along so great! We had some baseball coloring pages for them, also some little soft baseballs and slinkies. The little baseballs were a big hit. As soon as some of the little ones started to get a little fussy, I pulled those out and they LOVED them, even some of the bigger kids joined in.

Oliver got some great gifts! Joey's dad and step-mom got him the cutest little ride on fire truck and fire hat. As soon as we opened it, he wanted to get on and ring the little bell. He also got a lot of super cute clothes for the winter, a ride on little car, a lawn mower, telephone, remote control car, and a bunch of other cute toys.

We ended up taking a lot of pictures, so I am working on uploading them in a slide show and will post again with all the pictures.

Now we are relaxing today with a couple errands and I just have to go back to the clubhouse to clean the floor and make sure everything is nice and neat. We had the room all day, so after the party and a much needed nap, we had my family over for some poker and visiting.

It was such a fun day, but I have 2 words for next year...Chuck E Cheese!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Birthday Pictures

He was not happy about getting older already!

Ollie and Daddy

He loves his new wagon so much he wanted Lenny to join him!

Chef Oliver

Not too sure about the frosting!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Oliver

Today, my baby is a year old! Seriously I cannot believe I have a child that is a year old, not a baby anymore, a toddler. I am sitting here at work (yes, I have to work today, it sucks, but Joey is off all week, and is getting some quality daddy and Ollie time in) going over all the things that were taking place a year ago. I had trouble sleeping last night, kind of how it is when it is my birthday, so excited that it is hard to fall asleep. I finally fell asleep at around midnight, and then woke up at 4:05am, exactly 40 minutes after I had Oliver a year before. Me and Joey actually joked about waking up at 3:25am and wishing him a Happy Birthday. My mom has always called me at 11:38am on my birthday, but there is no way I will do that for Oliver!!!

Oliver is such a happy baby. We call him our little cheese ball. When we tell him to smile, he makes this cheesy smile showing his cute little teeth and scrunching his nose. He says a couple words: Dada, Mama, owsa (outside), baa (ball), and ha (Hi). We can really see his little personality coming out too. He loves to play with our cell phones and any TV remote control, but if we take it away from him, he throws a little tantrum! He also loves all types of food. I don’t think there is one food that he doesn’t like; he will eat anything that is put in front of him! He is almost waking on his own too! He will take a couple steps before falling to him bottom. But I can tell he is going to take off any day now!

His looks are changing all the time too. Sometimes I look at him and he looks exactly like Joey, then other times he looks like me, then other’s he is just Oliver.

I cannot wait to see what this year brings for us, to watch him grow and learn new things.

Happy Birthday Oliver!!! I love you will all my heart!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where has the year gone?

As Oliver's birthday approaches I have been sitting here thinking about this past year. I can't believe that in 2 days my baby is going to be a year old! It seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital and we had no idea what to expect. Every new parent tells you that one of the hardest things about being a new mom is the lack of sleep. Apparently Oliver is not the norm. From the first day that we brought him home till he was 8 weeks old, he would only wake up once in the night for a feeding. Then once he was 8 weeks old he practially slept through the night. We would have to go into him room once a night if he spit out his pacifire, but Joey was always so good about not making me always get up.

If being a fist time mom was not stressful enough, we decided to buy our first house when Oliver was just 4 weeks old. Then 4 days before I went back to work we moved in. We have been slowly getting things done and organized around the house, it has taken a while, but is getting finally getting done!

So as I sit here looking back on the first year, I leave you with a couple pictures.