Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Baby is 7 Months Old!

So I can't believe it...Oliver is 7 months old today! He is such a great baby. He is doing new things everyday. Here are some of the things that he has been up to:

He can waive "Hi". So far he only does this to my dad and the cats.

He can fall asleep in his crib by himself. We still sometimes rock him, but for the most part we put him down awake. Sometimes he goes right down and other times he cries for a couple minutes and then he is out.

He likes everything we have fed him so far except peas!

He loves to laugh at the cats. When ever we walk by them he cracks up at them.

He likes to play with is cousins.

He loves to ride in the car. I got him this little toy that attaches to his car seat and he plays with it all the time. It is a little frog that plays music. When you press the eyes they each play a different song. He will press one of the eyes, then right after he presses that one, he will press the other. We call it his Ollie Mix:)

He loves to go on walks with Grammy.

He is starting to crawl. Although I think he is still about a month away from fully crawling. He will get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth.

We have introduced a sippy cup to him. He is still not too sure about it though. I think I will go and get him a couple different kinds to see what works best for him.

I am sure there are a ton of more things that I am missing. And he does something new and funny every day.

(I have a really cute picture that I took with my phone. I will upload it as soon as I get home tonight)

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The Zuccolillo's said...

Sound like he has really started to reach some of those big baby milestones! You guys are doing a great job!