Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oliver's First Halloween:) and first Cold:(

My happy little skeleton

In his cute outfit from Megan!

Yesterday was Oliver's Halloween and the start of his first cold. Poor baby is so congested and sure enough I woke up this morning with a sore throat and sneezing like crazy.

I didn't dress Oliver up as anything this year, just some cute onesies that he got from Megan and Joey's mom. We started off the day with a doctor's appointment for myself. My mom went with us to help me with Oliver while I was in with the doctor. Then it was off to Target and then Chili's for lunch. After lunch we dropped my mom back off at home then it was nap time.

Once Joey got home from work we ate dinner then it was off to Joey's dad's for some tricker treating! We stayed there for a while, but Oliver was so tired and we still had to stop by my parents. As soon as we got home Oliver crashed and didn't wake up till 7:45!

We are now lounging at home in our pj's. I do need to get my butt up and ready for the day as we need to run some errands.

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