Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back to Work:(

Last Wednesday was my first day back to work since having Oliver. As much as I was ready to go back, it was still hard to leave him. Although, I was not away from him all day. I went home for lunch and Joey brought him by my work. I think it is going to work out pretty good with daycare. Monday and Tuesdays he will go to the babysitter(a good friend of mine's sister will be watching him), Wednesday Joey will be home, and then on Thursdays and Fridays my mom will come over to watch him.

Yesterday when I came home for lunch I got some very exciting news...Oliver rolled over! My mom had him on his play mat doing some tummy time and he rolled from belly to back on the left side! When I got home from work he did it for me 4 times! So I ran to get the video camera to capture it on film, and of course, he didn't do it. He did the same thing this morning for Joey. I think he gets too interested in the camera to do anything else.

We moved into our house on the 15th and we are slowly getting things put away. The house is looking a little plain. We need to paint and get window treatments downstairs so once we do that it will look more warm and inviting.

Tomorrow we are having a small game night so some family and friends can see the house. Then I am off for 4 days for Thanksgiving! Joey's mom will be in town on Saturday so we will spend all day with her. I know she is not going to belive how big Oliver is now! We might even get his picture taken with Santa!

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Kristen said...

Try and get your family to help you unpack or paint your walls. Use beer and the baby as bribes. :) Just an idea!