Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Birth Story

The last time I wrote a post I was talking about how we went to the hospital on Friday but only for them to send us home. Then right as we got home my contractions started to come on a lot harder and I believe while I was writing the post I was having contractions.

We stayed home all day trying to time the contractions and tried to get some rest. Throughout the day they were getting a lot stronger, but were not very consistent, they would be 5 minutes apart, then 10, then 15. I really didn't want to go to the hospital again for them to just send us home again. I called my sister around 4 or so and told her what was going on. She said that with Jonathan her contractions were very hard, but also not consistent and if she would have waited till they were 5 minutes apart she would have had him at home. So finally around 6 I told Joey that I could not wait any longer and that we had to go.

When we arrived at the hospital they did the same thing as the night before, hooked me up to all the monitors and checked me. On Friday night I was between 1.5-2cm dilated and now I was a good 3cm! She said she would come back in about an hour and see where I was and they might have me start walking to get things going. Well she ended up coming back less than a half hour later and I was 4cm and she said my water would probably break in the next couple contractions, and they did not want me to walk the halls. Sure enough about 2 contractions later my water broke. As disgusting as it was to feel that, it felt so good to have a lot of the pressure go away.

At about 10pm or so I was 6cm I could not take the pain any longer and asked for the epidural. soon as I got that I was in heaven! About 20 minutes later I could not tell if I was having a contraction or not. I asked Joey to check the monitor and see how strong the contractions were and he said they were off the chart!

My nurse Beth came in and checked me and said that the baby was in a weird position and that she wanted me to lay on each side for a half and hour at a time to see if he would move. I had no idea if I would be able to tell when it was time to call Beth to start pushing since I had the epidural, but she said I would know. At about 2:45am I woke Joey up and told him I thought it was time to call Beth. She came in and checked me and said that his head was right there! She had me do a couple practice pushes to see how fast he would come down and as soon as I started pushing she called in another nurse and told her that she better call the doctor. The doctor came in about 10 minutes later, I pushed for about another 10 minutes and at 3:25am Oliver Joseph came into the world. I could not believe that not only was he here, but that I only pushed for 25 minutes, the nurses kept on telling me that I was such a good pusher.

Right after he came out they put him on me and he started crying right away. They kept him on me for a couple minutes and Joey was able to cut the cord. Then they took him off to the warming station and to get him cleaned up. This is also where they did him apgar test. He scored a 9 both times! Joey went over with him to take pictures only to find out that the batteries in our camera had died! So he got the video camera and started to take video. They finally brought him over to me about a half hour later and was able to try nursing him. To my surprise he latched on right away.

There was so much emotion going through me. I was so happy that he was here and healthy, I was exhausted even though I only pushed for 25 minutes, and I was amazed that I had actually given birth. At around 6am they moved me over to postpartum. We stayed till Monday and was released at about noon.

So far everything has been going pretty good. He sleeps a lot, eats, and poops, and that is about all. We have had a lot of visitors and today Joey's mom, little sister, and brother are coming for the weekend.

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