Monday, September 6, 2010


I am on vacation this weeks and it feels so nice. Today Joey had to work a half day so Ollie and I just hung around the house in the morning and didn't do much. At around 4:30 we headed over to our friend's house for a wonderful BBQ. While there Ollie found a couple girlfriends!

Ollie, Baylee, and Marlee

Tomorrow my mom, Ollie, and myself are headed to the zoo with Marlee and her mom Aimee.

While I am on vacation this week I am planning a couple things with Ollie. One BIG thing is potty training. The past couple months he has shown some interest, then this last week he went on the potty TWICE!!!

Then on Thursday me and Ollie are headed up to Walnut Creek to spend a couple days with my sister and her family. Then on Saturday Joey is going to meet us up there and we are going to spend time with his mom. Saturday night is Bob's 50th birthday party!

Since I won't be working this week I am really going to try and post everyday.

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