Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun at the Zoo

Today Ollie, my mom, and myself met Aimee and Marlee at the zoo. We got there nice and early and the weather was beautiful! Ollie had a great time with Marlee.

After the zoo we went to lunch and then dropped my mom off at home. I had a doctors appointment at 3 so my mom came over around 2:30 to watch Ollie(he was napping when I had to leave). Got home at 4 and Ollie was still sleeping! He had such a long day he was exhausted!

Not sure what we have going on tomorrow. One thing I do want to do is watch the DVD that came with the clippers that I bought a couple months ago. Ollie's hair grows so fast that I am hoping I can do a good job cutting his hair so I can start doing it on a regular basis.

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