Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day

Today was a great first Mother's Day!

It kinda started last night with going over to Joey's dad's for dinner. His step sister Melissa was coming into town to surprise her mom. Melissa lives in Tahoe and is usually always working so we hardly get to see her. The last time was at Tim's wedding in October and I can't even remember when we saw her before that, it might have been Christmas 2007!

We had a wonderful dinner after we exchanged cards and gifts. Tom and Joni got me a card with a gift card to Sal's!!! We then ate a wonderful dinner, Tri Tip and potato salad, yum! After dinner we hung out and then had cupcakes from a new little bakery called Cupcake, very good! We left at around 9 because Ollie was getting fussy and it was way past his bedtime.

This morning Joey had a great morning planned for me. We first met up with my family at my parents house, then went off for lunch, and then off to the park for Ollie's first visit and first time on the swings. He LOVED the swings. It was so cute. As soon as I put him in and started swinging him we was laughing and pumping his legs back and forth! It was getting hot, so we only stayed for about 45 minutes or so, plus Ollie needed to get down for a nap. We went back to my parents house to put him down and took a little rest ourselves. We then had a great dinner that my brother-in-law Eric made and then dessert at Yodigity! We are now home and I am trying to finish some laundry for work this fun!!!

We took an insane amount of pictures this weekend. A new post will be above with just a couple pictures from this weekend.

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Christine said...

Happy Mother's Day!