Friday, May 15, 2009

9 Month Doctor's Visit

Today we had Oliver's 9 month doctor's appointment. Since my mom watches him on Friday's I picked her up on the way to the doctor and then just dropped both of them off at her house on the way to work.

Today's visit went very well. He is still our little guy, weighing in at 16.6lbs and 26 3/4 inches(only the 5th%)!!! He didn't have any shots today, but he did get his finger pricked twice to check his iron levels. He is such a champ, didn't even flinch when the nurse pricked his finger. The results were in by the time his doctor came to check him. He told us that his iron is a little low. It didn't really surprise me, since I have always had low iron. He also stated that we would check it one more time before we left, just to make sure. After that he checked his heart beat(to which he screamed), reflexes, eyes, and ears. He said his ears look great! After having 3 ear infections I was a little worried about how they were going to look. As a baby, Joey had to have tubes put in his ears not once, but twice! So I was a little worried that he was going to have more fluid in his ears. I asked the doctor at what point we would start to talk about tubes, and he said not until he has had an ear infection for at least 3 months without going away.

He said that Oliver is progressing very well and we can start to introduce more foods, especially meats because of his low iron. I am going to go out tomorrow and get a food grinder and start feeding him the same food that me and Joey eat(I guess that means we need to be eating healthier). Since we have been so busy the past month or so, we have not been eating the best, but now that Oliver will be eating the same food, I am totally going to change our meals.

Other than the low iron the doctor said he is doing great. The second iron test also came back low, so he has perscribed vitamins that have more iron in them.

His next visit will be when he is 1 year old!!! I can't believe that my baby is going to be a year in 2 1/2 months...where has all the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were brining him home from the hospital!

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The Zuccolillo's said...

I guess they do grow fast! Isn't amazing how quickly we change habits for our children and not ourselves? He seems to be doing great and I think you're doing a great job with him! Not to mention he is soooo cute! Keep up the good work mama!