Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quick Update

It has been pretty boring here in Fresno. Work has been slow and other than that we are just moving along. Today I am 28 weeks and am feeling pretty good. There are day though were I am just down right uncomfortable. Everyday as he gets bigger, he is running out of room.

Yesterday I went in for my 1 hour glucose testing. It was not as bad as I thought, it was the waiting that was boring. I got to the office right before 7am, downed the drink, and then waited the hour. Once she took me back it only took about 2 minutes to give the blood. She said the results should be back in about 2 days and I am really hoping everything turns out ok.

My next doctors appointment is on Monday along with my follow-up ultrasound to remeasure his kidneys. We can wait to see our little guy again and hopefully we can get some good pictures and hopefully his kidneys look good.

As most of you have probably heard by now, Katie, Eric, and the boys are moving back to California!!! Specifically Walnut Creek! We are so excited that they are coming back to the home state:) And it works out so well since Joey's mom is up there too. Once the baby comes we will be up there a lot more anyways and now we will be able to see Katie, Eric, and the boys too. It is so important to me and Joey that the baby be close to his cousins, and now with them in California we will be able to get them together so much more.

I will post a new picture of myself in the next couple days and if we get pictures of the baby on Monday, I will post those as well.

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