Monday, March 31, 2008

Doctors Appointment Update

So this morning I had my 21 weeks appointment. It was a pretty normal appointment with getting weighed(so far I have gained 11 lbs, which is right on track), getting my blood pressure taken, and hearing the heartbeat. It is so wonderful to hear our little guys heart beating away, again, I will never get tired of hearing it.

When I asked her if the doctor had a chance to review my ultrasound she said yes and everything looked good, except his kidneys were measuring a little on the big side. She is not worried at all, but I do have to say my heart dropped. She said the ultrasound techs are trained get the measurments within certain limits, and if they are a little big or small, they notate it. Ok, so now I am freaking out. She said not to worry though, that this happens a lot, and that we will just do another ultrasound at 28 weeks to remeasure. Much easier said than done. I am not worried anymore, but was freaking out there for a while. I know that if my doctor is not worried then I shouldn't be. We were planning on paying for another ultrasound around 28 weeks, so now we won't have to since they need to remeasure.

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