Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Recap

This year it was very quiet for Valentine's Day. Joey met me for lunch at work and got me a prenatal massage! I can't wait, I have been looking forward for this since we found out I was pregnant. I am not really a "flower" kind of girl so I have asked Joey in the past not to get me any. I can't keep them in the house since the cats will knock them over.

Joey is the hardest to buy for for Valentine's Day. Last year I think I got him a card and some candy, but this year I had a different idea. Most of the pizza places around here do heart shaped pizza's for Valentine's Day. I have always thought it is a cute idea, but have never gotten them before. Since we don't like going out for dinner on this day, I thought this was the perfect idea. After I got off of work I went over to Papa Murphy's to pick up the pizza I had ordered earlier in the day. As I pulled up I noticed a line out the door! I thought that since I had already preordered I would not have to wait in that long line....nope, I was wrong. They had one line for new orders and preorders. After waiting 30 minutes it look about 30 seconds for them to get me my pizza.

I got home to surprise Joey with his heart shaped pizza! I thought about taking a picture of it, but we had already devoured it! I can't wait for tomorrow when I go for my prenatal massage!

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