Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2nd Doctors Appointment

So I had my second appointment today. Everything went very well, just a normal physical and family history. She looked at the chart that determines the due date and she stated that my due date has changed from August 10th to the 8th, which put me at 9 weeks 5 days.

At the end of the appointment she asked if I had any other questions. I told her that I am a worrier and that I just wanted to make sure that everything was going good. I know some people who get to hear the heartbeat, and we have not heard it yet, just saw it. She said that everything is great, but to put my worries away she would do an ultrasound. Totally unofficial, just to make me feel better. So she took me in the other room and started the ultrasound. It was so cool. I got to really see the heartbeat this time, and I got to see our baby moving around. At one point she said, "Oh, look, it just moved it's arm." I really couldn't tell, but will take her word for it. She also stated that we have a very active baby.

My next visit is on February 6th and we will for sure get to hear the heartbeat.

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Katie Fries said...

Hey, how about a new post here! I need to know how Mashdots/Stuart Little (I haven't yet decided what to call Gestating Niece/Nephew) is doing.