Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Update

Christmas was nice and quiet this year. This is one of the first years that we didn't have to travel out of Fresno. It first started out on Saturday shopping with my mom. We did our usual and went to lunch at Chili's. Then it was off to Target to do some last minute Christmas shopping. By the time we were done with our running around it was almost 3:00, and I was pooped!

On Sunday I went over to my parents to finish up some last minute wrapping. Once that was done we rested and then Joey came over after he got off of work.

Christmas Eve was spent helping my mom get the food ready. About 5:00 people started to show up. First was Uncle Ed and Aunt Jan, then Peter and Eric, and finally Uncle John, Aunt Sharon, and the boys. It was a pretty quiet evening with eating and watching The Christmas Story. Peter and Eric had to leave early since there was another house party they had to get to. Uncle Ed and Aunt Jan stayed a little longer and enjoyed some cheesecake and coffee. After they left it was time to open gifts. It was pretty quiet since Eric, Katie, and the boys weren't here. Everyone got some really nice stuff that included a ton of gift cards, a rice cooker, and a BBQ tools set.

Christmas morning Joey and I were at home and up at 8:00 to open gifts from each other. He got me a Zune and Smartypants for the Wii. I got him the first season of Psych on DVD and Scene it Squabble. After getting ready we went over to my parents to open gifts from them. At about 10:00 we headed over to Joey's dad's house. Tim and Lauren, Melissa, and sister Lauren were all in town. After a wonderful breakfast made by Joey's dad, Tom, we opened gifts. We stayed there till about 2:30 and then went back to my parents to get ready to go to Uncle John and Aunt Sharon's.

At about 4:00 we had dinner. Soup from Mike's and chicken and veal cannelloni. I have been craving soup, so that is all I had, but I heard the cannelloni was very good.

Since Christmas we have just been hanging out at home. Next Friday Joey's mom is coming into town so we will celebrate Christmas with her then.

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