Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oliver's New Room

With June coming quickly, we knew that we needed to get the spare room cleaned out and make it Oliver's new room. We knew we wanted him in it soon, so he wouldn't think the new baby was kicking him out of his current room. The spare room was a disaster! And when I say disaster, I mean to the point where I hated even opening the door and looking inside it. There were still boxes in the closet from when we moved in over 2 years ago!

We spent all day today going through everything. Making trash piles, donate piles, and piles of stuff to sell on craigslist.

There was already a day bed that Joey's dad gave us a while back, and we knew we were going to use my old dresser, so we pretty much just needed new bedding and decorations.

We went to Target today and let Ollie pick out the bedding that he wanted. Deep down I wanted him to pick the sports bedding that he already had on his toddler bed because I had already bought some of the decorations, just never put up(which I am glad I didn't). Sure enough he picked out the same exact bedding, just in a twin size.

I am so happy with the way it turned out. All that is left to do is put up the valance that matches, but we need to get the rod for it to go on. Once that is up(hopefully by this next weekend), it will be complete!

Now I can concentrate on going through all of Oliver's old clothes. Also, we just ordered the crib(long story, Oliver's was recalled) for the baby and can't wait to get it in.

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