Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My cheesy boy!

This is Oliver's new "cheesy" face! Whenever we get the camera out, he has this smile.

We are taking family pictures on Halloween, and I know he is going to ham it up for the camera. We are going to be up in Walnut Creek that weekend and Joey has an old friend that is a photographer up there. We have been wanting to take family pictures for so long, so we thought that this would be a great time to take them. Also, we have yet to take Oliver's 1st birthday pictures(a little late I know), and since it is Halloween, we will take a couple with him in his costume.

Oh, and tonight while I was brushing his teeth, I noticed he got one of his back upper teeth! We had no idea it even came in!

I just have to put this picture in. Joey took Oliver to the park today, and I just love this picture he got.


Anonymous said...

very cute...have fun in Walnut Creek! We just took McKenna's 1 year pics too...oh well. We still need to get together!

The Zuccolillo's said...

Oh I love these shots! I can't believe how fast he's growing! I think that smile of his is priceless and will make for some fabulous pictures this weekend. I can't wait to see them!